I know I said...

...I would choose a winner this afternoon, and its now after afternoon...time got away from me!

Congratulations, Cassie Violette!

Please email me at nellesclothing@yahoo.com with your address and I'll get this sweet little dress right out to you. :)

Thanks to all for playing!  Look for another giveaway soon!


Getting ready for the fair...

I enlisted helpers on Saturday (Elisabeth and Mom!) and we got sooo much done!  This was all in preparation for the fair on November 19. I'm seriously getting excited as I see things get put together.  Mom did all the cutting...Elisabeth punched out tags.  It was a MAJOR help.  You can see Emily tried to be a part of the craziness as well...she wasn't nearly as helpful, but a sweet little addition.  :)

 Winter Floral Knot Dresses

Dolls (YAY!) and lots of goodies all cut and ready to sew


Today, we headed over to my sister's farm to get some holiday portraits of our family. I made the girls peasants with Noel sashes, Donovan got a Noel tie (even though it had flowers on it, and "its a little weird for boys to wear flowers," he humored me), and I even wore some bright RED ruffles for some of the photos!  I cannot wait to see the end result!


Time flies...

in the blink of an eye.

I've been very busy the last few weeks.  I am happy to say that the Halloween Costume Party we planned for our kiddos was a huge success!  18 of Elisabeth & Donovan's classmates joined us two weekends ago to celebrate Halloween, eat some awesome Mummy dogs and fries (and plenty of candy), jump in the leaves (our pile was HUGE...seriously), and bob for apples!  I owe it all to the BEST Mom.  While children arrived at our door, she was busy in the kitchen making supper, cleaning up after the numerous messes (I am wishing I had taken a picture of the trail of leaves on our floors-they led from the front door, into the dining room and kitchen, down BOTH halls and into the living room.  I'm still finding leaves under the furniture!), and helping us clean up after it was all said and done.  It was a whirlwind.  I could not have done it without her!  And my husband!  Oh, yes, can't forget James in all of this...he kept me sane...and made sure the leaf pile was replenished often.  Thanks to you both. 

Here are a couple of photos of the event...
Yummy Mummy Dogs

Fries - I found these way cool cups at our local liquidation center...
they say "Boardwalk Fries" on them - perfect!

The walkway leading to a table full of goodies!
 Cupcakes (frosted by none other than MOM!)

 the Goodies


And now back to orders...lots of new ideas are being sent my way...and my Noel collection is selling well (yay!).  Keep 'em coming! :)