My last post was 11/9.  Eek.  Time seriously gets away from me, especially this time of year.

Some of us are just getting over a bug...I hate when the sickies hit our home.  I'm finishing up some last minute holiday orders this week.  And starting to make some gifts - finally.  I have to say I completely underestimated how crazy it would be this holiday season.  Wasn't it September like yesterday?  I learned a lot this year, at least.  Note to self - prepare for holiday fairs months in advance.  Not a couple of weeks.  It totally messed up my schedule...I had all sorts of cute holiday outfits to offer, and had no time to make them.  Not good.  So...next year will be different.  Promise.

I plan to open my customs shop back up sometime in January.  I will be limiting the number and size of orders per week.  Its for my own sanity really.  I really enjoy making new things, but I need to allow myself time to do that.

If I don't get back here before then,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!
from the Sanborn family