More fabric love...

Two boxes came today - both full of fabric.  One was full of Dr. Seuss prints, the other had tomato red cotton, dotted swiss voile (6 yards worth...didn't read that its sheer...hmmm...what shall I do with it?), navy blue cotton and the Dr. Seuss panels I forgot to include in my other order.  The Dr. Seuss dress and ruffles will be up in my shop in a bit.  This is what I'll be offering:

Knot Dress and Ruffles

Haha - crazy girl - I love this pic <3

And as you can see, I made some small changes to my blog this morning...love the Shabby Blogs site!  I had far too much fun. :)

Also coming are hankie dresses.  Thanks to a little reminder from Jessica at LittlePumpkinGrace.blogspot.com...I love the look of these vintage pieces and I really want to make more.  They make me happy. Hopefully they'll make someone else happy, too. :)

Off to fill up my mug with some coffee and get some more work done!  I forgot that tomorrow is St. Patty's Day...looks like I'll be up super late again tonight...my kids have nothing GREEN to wear! AH!  Heehee

Talk soon!


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